Vendor Advantages
  • SELL MORE PRODUCTS FOR MORE PROFITABILITY – One of the major advantages of an NLFC leasing and finance program is selling power to increase your profit while allowing sales people greater opportunity for higher commissions. As one of the most innovative and powerful sales tools available, leasing enables you to sell more and higher-priced equipment. Knowing and understanding leasing puts you in control of the sale and enhances your firm’s know-how as a true professional, someone who has the answers and solutions to your customer’s buying questions.

  • FULL SERVICE ORGANIZATION – A leasing program with NLFC enhances your company’s image as a full service organization providing one-stop shopping for your customer’s equipment, service and financing needs. Speaking to customers in an educated way about saving their credit lines and working capital, tax deductibility and other advantages of leasing provides them with solid information to make favorable buying decisions. 

  • LEASING HELPS OVERCOME THE PRICE OBJECTION – Customers may be excited and enthusiastic with price remaining as the only obstacle. If you cannot overcome this objection, you could easily lose the sale. Leasing can provide the solution. Without a capital expenditure or even a down payment, your prospect can have the equipment NOW. It’s far easier to write a check for 1 or 2 rental payments than an entire purchase price of say, $25,000.00. Your in-house leasing program with NLFC helps you to prevent the client from going to his bank who might talk him out of the equipment or even refer him to a different vendor.

  • CusTOM TAILORED FINANCING FOR YOUR EQUIPMENT – NLFC can set up a financing program especially for your company’s clients. It can be put in place in less than 24 hours. Credit decisions are quick – sometimes within minutes. Call anytime to set an appointment for an NLFC representative to visit your company. See “Vendor Testimonials.

  • FAST PAYMENT OF YOUR INVOICES – A direct funding source and decision maker in business since 1977, NLFC pays your equipment invoice on the same day as lessee accepts the equipment. Unlike brokers, NLFC never sells leases to 3rd parties. If not an existing NLFC vendor, submit New Vendor Application.

  • Please Download and submit the application For a No Obligation Quote