Municipal Leasing & Financing



Who Qualifies?
Schools - All levels including Trade Schools, City and Town Governments, County Governments, Police, Highway & Fire Departments, Water and Sanitation Districts, Hospitals, Port Authorities, State and Federal Governments and other qualified authorities.

The Problem:
For many years, expenditures by state and local governments have outpaced those of all other sectors of the American economy. Given the continued public demand for more governmental goods and services there is heavy pressure for this trend to continue. But, while the public demands that the government provide more, it often expects government to spend less. Therefore, in mediating these conflicting public demands, state and local money managers must find new ways to stretch available tax dollars in order to acquire needed equipment without increased spending.

The Solution:
Tax exempt leasing has become increasingly recognized by states, local governments and their agencies as an important financial tool for more efficient cash management. It combines the flexibility of traditional lease financing with the equity benefits of purchasing. The municipal lessee, in effect - acquires equipment on an installment purchase plan, yet remains within appropriate debt limitations. But more importantly, since the interest dollars paid by the municipal lessee's are exempt from federal tax, the interest rates can be very competitive and attractive.

Equipment Cost and Terms:
Municipalities can finance equipment from $4,000 to no upper limit through NLFC. Terms, depending on cost and credit criteria, can be up to 7 years or longer. Repayment can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or most popular - annually at your election. A brief application gets the process rolling and can be submitted on line, via telephone, fax or printed and mailed.


How IT Works:

  1. SELECT needed equipment from manufacturer(s) or vendor(s) of your choice. See Examples of leasable items.

  2. NOTIFY NLFC, a lease can be structured according to the term you desire

  3. The LEASE AGREEMENT will be prepared and forwarded to you for completion

  4. NLFC's purchase order goes to vendor the same day we receive your completed paperwork

  5. When you accept the equipment NLFC pays vendor and the Agreement commences