Lessee Advantages
  • Up to 100% financing can include soft costs
    Meaning freight, installation, training and maintenance can be included in total cost of the lease.

  • Conserve valuable credit and working capital
    Leasing enables you to preserve your established bank lines and conserve cash reserves. Your borrowing capability is enhanced and the balance sheet could be improved by reducing your long term debt. With leasing, large up-front cash outlays, required by many banks - are eliminated. 

  • Flexible payment plans
    Lease payments can be arranged to match your budget, seasonal business or earnings that will be generated by the leased equipment. We will structure your lease to best fit the needs of your own business.

  • Hedge against obsolescence
    You get more mileage out of your money by leasing; reason being is that your monthly payment is just a small portion of the total cost of the equipment. Leasing will allow you the freedom to purchase new equipment quickly and cost-efficiently while not having the burden of owning obsolete equipment.

  • Overcome budget limitations
    Budget restrictions that may prevent some companies like hospitals; municipalities and non-profit organizations from purchasing new equipment may be eliminated through a leasing arrangement .

  • You choose the equipment you want
    You make all the arrangements as to the price and specifications directly with the vendor or manufacturer and retain all warranties.

  • Fixed monthly payments
    Leasing takes the guesswork right out of budgeting because you have a fixed payment over a specific period of time with no varying costs to be estimated.

  • Avoid the alternative minimum tax trap (AMT)
    Many companies today find that purchasing equipment causes them to be faced with the AMT. Leasing often is the solution to avoiding AMT because payments are made from BEFORE TAX earnings - not after tax profits.

  • A big extra benefit
    If your company is involved with "cost-plus" contracts such as those with governmental agencies, leasing offers an additional significant benefit: lease charges are counted as part of the COSTS making payments immediately tax deductible, whereas interest payments on money borrowed to buy the same equipment may not be.

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